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James rocks the Ambassadors Theatre!

Published on 28/03/2013 12:31, 28 comments.

In London, last night, Wednesday 27th March, James offered a preview of his upcoming US tour.

The Ambassadors theatre (Soho – London), was sold out to welcome James before his departure to the US next week!

Ronnie Wood was the first to arrive on stage: he introduced James to the audience and they performed together the song Mexico.
Then James sang several of his new songs, and some of his "old ones". Ronnie Wood came back several times to play guitar on the left of the stage.
Not only Ronnie but also James' family showed him its support in the audience and on stage since James' dad, Paul McCartney came to play piano on three songs!

There were good music, laugh and love on stage last night!

James performed the following songs:

1- Mexico (with Ronnie)
2- Life's A Pill
3- Snap Out Of It
4- Butterfly
5- Bluebell (piano)
6- You And Me Individually
7- Old Man
8- Wisteria
9- Home
10- Angel
11- Snow (piano / with Ronnie)
12- Wings of A Lightest Weight (with Ronnie)
13- Strong As You (with Ronnie and Paul)
14- Thinking About Rock N Roll (with Ronnie and Paul)

15- My Friend
16- New York Times (with Ronnie and Paul

James ended the show with an impressive and powerful New York Times: the man is ready to rock the US!

The James McCartney Fan Club Team


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